Custom Food Safety Training and Consulting

Not all food businesses and franchises are the same. Your business is unique and you may need specific food safety training designed just for you and your staff. We have decades of food safety experience as well as adult education so we can definitely help. Here are a few examples of projects we completed for our clients;

Benefits of team learning:

  • Custom food safety training manual. These manuals can be used to train new staff and to support new franchisees.
  • HACCP program development.
    • Pre-requisite program development
      • Premises program
      • Transportation, Purchasing/Receiving/Shipping and Storage
      • Equipment
      • Personnel
      • Sanitation and Pest Control
      • Recall
      • Operational prerequisite programs
    • HACCP plan development
    • Gap assessments and audit preparation
  • Suspected Foodborne illness and outbreak support
  • Recall implementation and support

If we can help you with your food safety training or program development, then get a hold of us and we’ll figure out the details