Alberta Food Safety Requirements

The Alberta Food Regulation outlines detailed requirements for food handlers and food businesses to follow. These requirements are designed to make sure the food is safe and Albertans are protected from foodborne illnesses and injury. The Alberta Food Regulation (Section 31) has specific requirements for food safety training. Food businesses have to make sure they have enough trained staff to meet the following requirements;

  • If a business has 5 or less food handlers, then at least 1 person has to have a Food Safety Certificate from an approved course
  • If a business has 6 or more food handlers then you need at least 1 manager or supervisor with an approved Food Safety Certificate at all times the business is open.


Is it just managers or supervisors that need the food handlers certificate in Alberta?

No, everyone who handles food or serves food would benefit from taking the online food safety training.

What happens if we don’t take food safety training?

As a public health inspector, I can tell you that food safety training is a critical part of ensuring your food is safe for the public. Protecting your customers is obviously the most important thing a business can do because making anyone sick will not be good for business. Furthermore, you won’t be in compliance with the food Regulation which means your business can be fined or worse. It’s best just to take the food handler certificate course. It’s cheap, convenient and covers all the required basics of food safety training.

How long does my food safety certificate last?

We strongly recommend that food handlers complete the Food Safety Leaders Safe Food Handling certificate course course at least every 3-5 years.

How can I get a copy of my food handlers certificate?

If you’ve completed the Food Safety Leaders’ course with us previously then we would have a copy of your certificate. Simply contact us here and ask for a copy and we will send one to you shortly. If you haven’t taken the training yet, then sign up below and you will get a certificate once you’ve completed the course.