Welcome to Food Safety Leaders

At Food Safety Leaders, our vision is simple;

Safe Food. Profitable Business.

We have over four decades of food safety experience in the environmental health inspection and HACCP world. We’ve seen many businesses struggle to survive. Food business owners or managers are always busy putting out fires instead of focusing on growing their business or heaven forbid actually have a work/life balance.

We wanted to start food safety leaders to help businesses create a food safety culture. A food safety culture protects businesses by preventing foodborne illnesses, reduces waste and promotes an overall more profitable business.

In a food safety culture, everyone is trained and knowledgeable on the right way to do things. The owners/managers are then free to focus on customer service, sales, operational efficiency, competitor research and of course their lives outside the food business.

We do more than food safety training. Planning. Consulting. Teaching. Food Safety Leaders helps businesses put together a plan including HACCP system development and company food safety training and guidelines to build and maintain a food safety culture.

You put in blood, sweat and tears into your business – we want to help you protect it and make it more profitable because a Safe Business is a profitable business.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you.